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Flammable Storage Cabinet 22 Gal

safety is our top priority, and we are excited to present our 22-Gallon Flammable Storage Cabinet. Engineered for durability, fire safety, and compliance, our cabinet provides a secure solution for storing larger quantities of flammable liquids. Elevate your facility's safety standards with this spacious and efficient storage solution.


  • Using for flammable liquids such as Petrol, Thinners, Kerosene, Turpentine, Spirits, Alcohol and Ethanol

  • Capacity: 22 Gal

  • Construction: Double wall 1.2mm GI with Powder Coat

  • Doors: Single, Self/Manual Closing

  • FM & CE

  • Shelves: 3

  • External (mm): 1650(h) x 600(w) x 460(d)

Flammable Cabinet 22 Gal

Why Choose Our 22-Gallon Flammable Storage Cabinet?

  • Spacious Capacity: Tailored for 22 gallons, providing a secure storage solution for moderate quantities of flammable liquids.

  • Fire Safety: The steel construction, double-walled design, self-closing doors, and venting mechanism contribute to enhanced fire safety.

  • Compliance: Our cabinet complies with safety regulations, ensuring that your facility meets the necessary standards for the storage of flammable materials.

  • Adjustable Shelves: The interior shelves can be adjusted to accommodate containers of different sizes, enhancing organizational efficiency.

A flammable storage cabinet, specifically designed for storing and organizing hazardous materials, is a crucial component in maintaining a safe workplace. The 22-gallon flammable storage cabinet is particularly suited for facilities with moderate storage needs for flammable liquids. Here are key features and considerations for a flammable storage cabinet of this size:

1. Capacity: The 22-gallon capacity of this storage cabinet provides sufficient space to accommodate a moderate quantity of flammable liquids. This is ideal for facilities that have a need for storage but don't require a larger cabinet.

2. Construction Material: Typically constructed from robust materials such as double-walled steel, the cabinet is designed to resist fire and prevent the escape of hazardous vapours. The double-walled construction provides an additional layer of protection.

3. Fire Resistance: Flammable storage cabinets are engineered to resist and contain fire. The materials and construction are selected to withstand exposure to flames, providing valuable time for emergency response in the event of a fire.

4. Ventilation: Adequate ventilation features, such as built-in vents with flame arrestors, promote airflow while preventing external flames from entering the cabinet. This helps maintain a safe internal environment and reduces the risk of combustion.

5. Manual Close Doors: The cabinet doors are typically equipped with manual-close mechanisms. This ensures that the doors automatically close in the event of a fire, minimizing the potential for flames to spread.

6. Locking Mechanism: To control access and enhance security, a locking mechanism is integrated into the cabinet. This prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing the flammable liquids stored inside.

7. Compliance with Regulations: A reliable 22-gallon flammable storage cabinet complies with industry standards and regulations, such as those set by organizations like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). Compliance ensures that the cabinet meets essential safety requirements.

8. Safety Labels and Signage: Clear and visible safety labels and signage are affixed to the cabinet. These labels communicate the hazardous nature of the materials stored within, along with relevant safety instructions.

9. Leak-Proof Sill: The cabinet is equipped with a leak-proof sill at the base to contain accidental spills and prevent liquids from escaping the cabinet, reducing the risk of contamination and maintaining a safer work environment.

10. Grounding and Bonding: Grounding features are often incorporated to prevent static electricity build up. Bonding connections further ensure that potentially hazardous electrostatic charges are safely dissipated.

11. Adjustable Shelves: The interior of the cabinet includes adjustable shelves, providing flexibility in organizing and storing containers of various sizes.

12. Corrosion Resistance: The materials used in the construction of the cabinet are corrosion-resistant. This feature enhances the cabinet's durability and ensures long-term reliability, even in challenging environments.

13. Fusible Link: Some cabinets are equipped with a fusible link that releases the cabinet doors in the event of a fire, allowing them to close automatically.

14. Ground Connection: A provision for grounding the cabinet is often included to prevent the build up of static electricity and reduce the risk of sparks that could ignite flammable vapours.

15. Spill Containment Tray: The cabinet may have a spill containment tray at the base to collect any accidental leaks or spills, preventing them from spreading outside the cabinet.

When selecting and using a 22-gallon flammable storage cabinet, it's crucial to adhere to safety guidelines, conduct regular inspections, and ensure that the cabinet meets the specific storage needs and regulations applicable to the facility. Proper storage of flammable liquids is paramount in safeguarding both personnel and the workplace from potential hazards.

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